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    June Chapter Meeting - Advanced Critical Thinking

    Date: June 14, 2018, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Paris Gibson Square Museum, 1400 1st Ave N.
    $30 for guests
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    Advanced Critical Thinking

    Presenter Curt Swenson, Advanced Critical Thinking


    Do you have the uncommon ability to see with intense

    clarity, what needs to done and how to move others toward


    Engaging Lessons:

    1. Examine why intense clarity and critical thinking skills are essential to effective

    HR leadership

    2. Apply critical thinking skills to mindfully manage key relationships

    3. Prepare for meetings and conversations by engineering “win-win” interactions

    4. Effectively examine the assumptions, agendas, and unintended consequences

    that will impair and/or derail ideas, resolutions, and decisions

    5. Identify when multiple perspectives can improve project outcomes

    6. Apply persuasion specific, critical-thinking skills to group and individual


    7. Recognize perceptual blindness points and personal scotomas that lock onto and

    lock out information